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The Arch of Augustus


WHERE: in the crossroads between Sant'Anselmo street and Chabod, Garibaldi and Ivrea avenues.

HISTORY: Raised along the road that led to the monumental Porta Praetoria, the main access route to the Roman city, the honorary arch dedicated to the Emperor Augustus was born as imposing symbol of the presence and power of Rome, that in 25 BC had finally defeated the “Salassi”, and founded the new colony.

The arch was known by the local community also as “Saint-Voult”, because under the keystone was placed a crucifix, that was replaced in 1449 on the occasion of a procession to pray against the flooding of the nearby Buthier river. The current sculpture was placed in 1980, replacing that of the fifteenth century, preserved in the Museum of the Treasure of the Cathedral.

After centuries of neglect, the monument was restored in the years 1913-1914, assuming its present appearance.


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