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Pedestrian and cycle route


One of the most significant actions for the recovery of degraded zones conducted in recent years in the area of ??the "plaine d'Aoste" (which the city of Aosta and its boundaries) involved the construction of a pedestrian and cycle route between Sarre and Fénis, along the Dora Baltea. A stretch of about five kilometers spreads on the territory of Aosta. In particular, from the Montfleury area it’s possible, thanks to the special footbridge that connects the two Dora sides, to proceed towards Fénis, or stay on the orographic left bank of the river and enjoy a bike path designed to reach the sports area of Tzambarlet. Along the pedestrian and cycle path there are various green areas in Sarre, in Les Iles of Gressan, in Pollein ("Grand Place"), in Les Iles of Brissogne and in Fénis ("Tsanté de Bouva").



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