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Europa Avenue Library

Europa avenue, 5
tel. +39 0165/552948
fax. +39 0165/551567
e-mail: biblioteca-v.europa@comune.aosta.it

Dora District Library
Croix-Noire street, 30
tel. +39 0165/300315
fax. +39 0165/32922
e-mail: bilbioteca-q.dora@comune.aosta.it.

The municipal libraries offer a valuable service for residents in the eastern and western suburbs of the city. They act as cultural centres and places where you can meet other people, study and carry out research. They are “media hubs” where you can use not only traditional methods but also the Internet and other new technologies. As well as offer consultation and loan services, the municipal libraries organise cultural events.


This library is home to a valuable collection of books on mountaineering and various 16th century editions. The building is welcoming and architecturally pleasing, and the various municipal libraries belonging to the regional library system gravitate around it. The library covers 9,000 square metres, of which 6,000 are available to the public. These are some of the services that the Regional Library of Aosta has to offer for adults:

  • Reading room
  • Val D’Aosta collection
  • Newspaper and periodical library
  • Sound archive
  • Video archive
  • Federal collection

    Children’s section

    This has a separate entrance to the adult’s section. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Services:
  • Loan of books and music CDs 
  • Room for listening to audio material 
  • Mini-theatre for plays and screening cartoons and films for children (17:00 on Saturday), and readings (“Story time” at 17:30 on Thursday)
  • Workshop for games and expressive activities
  • Educational workshops
  • Internet and multimedia area

2, Torre del Lebbroso street
11100  Aosta
Link: Website of the Regional administration.



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