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Sant’Orso Fair


WHERE: in the centre of Aosta.

WHEN: 30 and 31 January each year.

DESCRIPTION: it’s difficult to define, in a few lines, the Sant’Orso Fair. The roots of this great popular event sink into the mists of time. Legend has it that the demonstration had begun before the church that bears the name of the Saint, where he would distribute to the poor clothes and "sabot", traditional wooden shoes still the symbol of the fair. By convention, the debut of the "Foire" is then made ??to coincide with the year 1000.

Today, a thousand participants, including artists and craftsmen, are exhibiting the fruits of their work, whether it is done as a hobby or as a profession. All craft strands are represented: sculpture and carving on wood, processing of stone, wrought iron and leather, "drap " (wool cloth woven on ancient wooden looms) and then lace, wicker, objects for the home, wooden ladders, barrels and other tools for the campaign and the house.

The fair, however, it’s also much more. It’s the time in which the characteristics of the identity of the Aosta Valley community emerge more clearly. This is not only an event capable of attracting almost one hundred fifty thousand visitors in two days, but the celebration of belonging to an historical and cultural environment. During the "Foire", as well as the exposure of handicrafts, visitors can attend musical performances, folklore and taste wines and typical products (and, for those who want to go beyond the tasting, dining outlets are present throughout the path of the Fair).

In short , a popular festival , which also has a night parenthesis: the "Veillà", a traditional watch in the night between 30 and 31 January, with visitors who flock to the streets lit up in a festive and exciting atmosphere.

INFO: Refer to the website of the Regional Administration, in the pages dedicated to Crafts.


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