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The Towers


Torre del Lebbroso (Tower of the Leper)
Built in the Middle Ages on the foundations of a Roman rampart. Its name comes from a leper who was locked in the tower at the end of the XVII century.


Tour Neuve
It stands on a square Roman base and was built in the XIII century.


Tour du Pailleron
The building has maintained its original aspect; its name derives from its use as haystack.


Torre o Castello di Bramafan
Close to the ruins of a Roman rampart, the Tower or Castle of Bramafan was built in the XI century. It was the official residence of the Viscounts of the House of Savoy, and on its parallelepipedal structure stands a round tower. Its name comes from a Franco-Provencal sentence which could be translated as "shouting with hunger". It is believed that in times of famine, people used to gather under the tower and pleaded for food.


Tour du Baillage
Also known as "Torre dei Balivi", up to a few years ago the tower used to be the local prison and is now concerned by some important renovation works, in order to house the Musical Institut. From the XIII century it became the seat of the bailiff, a royal official superintending a specific territorial area.


La Tour Fromage
Built by a petty noble family (Du Fromage), the tower stands on the town walls near the Roman Theatre.


La Tour des Seigneurs
Raised in the Middle Ages by the will of the Lors of Porta Sant'Orso (subsequently referred to as "the Lords of Quart"), from 1830 became known as the "Tour de l'Insinuation" and housed an archive. It was later an exhibition centre and now is home for the Tourist Office of Aosta.



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