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The Roman Theatre


WHERE: the archaeological area is accessible from Porta Praetoria street, either from Julien Charrey street.

HISTORY: Built in the Roman era some decades after the founding of the city, the theater is one of the best preserved structures of Augusta Praetoria.

The facade is 22 meters high and today remains only on the south side. It gives the idea of the impressiveness and technical expertise of the Romans. The proscenium had a length of 45 meters to a depth of 7. From the size of the steps, we can’t exclude that the theater could accommodate an audience up to 4000 people.

In the Middle Ages, the original function of the theater was forgotten and different constructions began to grow around it. Their demolition was proposed in 1863 , but the process finally completed between 1933 and 1941.

After important restorations, the area adjacent to the Roman Theatre, hosted impressive cultural events.

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